Ribes Restrictions

All states below prohibit Ribes nigrum black currants. In addition...

Delaware requires the customer/importer to obtain a permit for red, white, and pink currants. It prohibits Ribes aurium (golden currant).

Maine prohibits red, white and pink currants as well as gooseberries in: Androscoggin, Cumberland, Hancock, Kennebec, Knox, Lincoln, Sagadahoc, Waldo, and parts of Oxford, Franklin, Somerset, Piscataquis, Penobscot, Aroostook, and Washington. See map.

Massachusetts prohibits jostaberries. Red, white and pink currants and gooseberries are permitted in some counties but we are required to request a permit for your order, issued by the Division of Crop & Pest Services ((tel: 617-626-1735/617-626-1801/fax: 617-626-1850) so there may be a slight delay in shipping your order. Please verify your county qualifies for a permit. List of municipalities click here.

Michigan requires a permit for all black currants and in some cases for other ribes plants. Some red, white, and pink currants, along with gooseberries, do not need a permit, depending on location and variety. See map at end of document.

New Hampshire
restricts certain ribes and requires a permit to be applied for by the customer. No fee.

New Jersey requires the grower of black currants to purchase an annual permit with two annual inspections a year. New Jersey's requirements for red currant and gooseberry stipulate that neither species can be planted in Montague, Sandyston, Walpack and Vernon Townships in Sussex County; West Milford, Ringwood Borough and Wanaque Township in Passaic County, and Jefferson Township in Morris County. contact info

North Carolina prohibits all ribes (currants/gooseberries).

Ohio prohibits al Ribes nigrum L. except "Recognized varieties, produced by the hybridization of Ribes nigrum L. or a variety thereof with a resistant or immune species, known to be immune or highly resistant to the White Pine Blister Rust fungus, (Cronartium ribicola, Fischer) are exempt from the restrictions..." (contains pics and description of WPBR) Resistant varieties of Black currant include Consort, Crusader, Coronet, Lowes Auslese, Polar, Titania, and Willoughby. Red currants and gooseberries are not affected by Ohio law and are legal to plant.

Rhode Island prohibits all Ribes nigrum L. and flowering currants Ribes aureuma and Ribes odoratum Other ribes requires a $50 permit. Rhode Island Contact Info

West Virginia regulates all ribes in certain counties. West Virginia regulates black currants.